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I’ve worked on various projects and packages to help developers build better products and tools. You can support me with sponsorships or by buying one of my paid products or services.

  • supabase-on-do

    Hosting Supabase on DigitalOcean

  • laravel-optikey

    Use UUID, Ulid, or nanoid as optional or primary key in Laravel.

  • twistail

    Just another React UI components library built with Tailwind CSS, React Aria, and React Stately.

  • varlet-devel

    Minimalism web development stack.

  • firefox-customization

    Personal Firefox customization

  • migo

    This is a Plymouth theme created that can be used in Linux Distributions.

  • buku-markdown

    Buku saku mini untuk belajar menulis menggunakan Markdown. Dapat dibaca di Gitbook

  • elementail

    Just another UI Kit and component libraries that use Tailwind CSS.

  • laravel-start-tailwind-vue

    Laravel + TailwindCSS + Vue + Auth

  • s3-spaces

    WordPress plugin to synchronize your WordPress media library with DigitalOcean Spaces.

  • citiga

    Starter pack for Codeigniter 3 Framework project

  • electron-vite

    Starter template for Electron + Vue3 + Vite2 with TailwindCS integration.

  • vscode-atomizer-theme

    Atomizer theme for Visual Studio Code

  • letterpad

    A publishing platform for creative people. Discover a world of possibilities for your writing and creativity on Letterpad, the premier blogging platform for creative expression.

  • fuelstack

    Monorepo playground with Turborepo, NestJS, Prisma, React, Next.js, Prisma, Typescript, Jest, and Changeset.

  • gogon

    Golang starter project template with Cobra, Viper, and whatever library you want to use.

  • next-tailwind-starter

    A starter for Next.js with Tailwind CSS and Typescript. Pre-configured with absolute import, TailwindUI and some additional components.

  • minisail

    Prebuilt Laravel Sail Docker images.

  • rust-atomics-and-locks

    Code examples, data structures, and links from my book, Rust Atomics and Locks.

  • fedora-budgie-remix

    Unofficial Fedora Budgie Remix

  • sailboatui

    Sailboat UI is a modern UI framework for Tailwind CSS

  • riipandi

    Github user profile readme page and dotfiles configuration repository.

  • prismix

    Minimal containerized Remix Stack with Tailwind CSSS, PostgreSQL, and Prisma ORM.

  • taxonomy

    An open source application built using the new router, server components and everything new in Next.js 13.

  • rust-playground

    Having fun with Rust.

  • accesscontrol

    Role and Attribute based Access Control for Node.js

  • zero-studio

    Binary releases of VSCode without MS branding/telemetry/licensing

  • intellij-community

    IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition & IntelliJ Platform

  • apt-mirror

    Mirroring APT Repo

  • medium-unlocker-custom

    Read Medium content without limit. Based on the original script by @und3fined available on