Aris Ripandi

I'm Aris Ripandi. I live in Sukabumi, where I work remotely.

I'm an enthusiastic, self-motivated person, and always willing to learn and undertake new challenges. And I have a deep interest in cloud computing and modern web development. I like to spare my time to contribute to the Open Source community.


I have big interests in modern web technology, full-stack development, and cloud computing. So, expect to see more of this stuff in the future! Besides working at Zero One Group, I'm currently crafting web apps and diving into cloud computing technology. These days, my favorite stacks are React, Next.js, Remix, Prisma ORM, Drizzle ORM, Fastify, Laravel, and PostgreSQL.

About this website

This site serves as a playground for me to experiment with ideas and share some of my findings, bootstrapped from the Prismix Next Start v60 Eleventy. The blog is a place where I share my thoughts and experiences. It's a reflection of my career path and interests - especially on the technical side of things.

Enjoy your

Some fun facts

Software engineer from Indonesia

Proficient in PHP, Typescript, and a little bit of Java, but now I'm learning Rust. Developing modern web applications with a clean and maintainable codebase is one of my biggest passions.

Teaching Informatics Engineering

I am also an educator. I was an Informatics Engineering lecturer since 2011 at one of the private universities in Indonesia.

Open Source enthusiast

In my spare time sometimes I create developer tools and libraries, some of them has been published as NPM and Composer packages.