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Hi! I’m Aris Ripandi.

Currently I work as a senior product engineer at Zero One Group. Besides being an engineer, I also have a passion for teaching and really enthusiastic about Open Source.

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Reset The Analytics

I got an issue with my self-hosted Plausible analytics. I'm running Plausible analytics with Docker on a small VM. Unfortunately, the storage needed to be upgraded and this resulted in the Docker instance not running. Unfortunately, when upgrading st...

Deploying Authorizer to

When we create applications, a lot of time will be spent just creating authentication features. If you add more login feature such as OAuth, SAML, etc it will add more effort and cost. Auth0, Okta, OneLogin, AWS Cognito, or other similar services are...

About Me

I’m an enthusiastic, self-motivated person, and always willing to learn and undertake new challenges. And I have a deep interest in cloud computing and modern web development. Sometimes I spare my time to contribute to the Open Source community.

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Personal Objective

Build an atmosphere that creates productivity is my personal dream. Also, I have some goals to achieve:

  • Crafting software that solve real problems.
  • Helping people to learn new technologies.
  • Building my own success company.

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If you have something in mind you would like to discuss with me, something you want to collaborate with, any advice you have for or want from me, any business lead you would like to refer, please feel free to send me a buzz.

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